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Bridgeworks NW is all about moving the healthcare expense that is often treated as a necessary burden, into an investment. And to get a return on investment we know we have to control cost and increase the value.

Cost has been and will continue to be a big driver and concern for employers. We’re talking about the single largest non-income producing cost of doing business.

Just providing health insurance and managing high cost claims is not enough. We need to engage the consumers of healthcare, the employees and their dependants, putting them in plans where they can be good consumers.

Most health plans that employers are offering have a single option, and when you only have a single option some segment of your population is going to have a lower perceived value.

So customizing your benefits is an important part of our strategy and we believe you have to give your employees plans that meet their individual needs.

What Bridgeworks NW does is offer your employees choice, it is going to customize the plan to fit their desires. And every employee is going to be able to make a buying decision that works for them.

In addition Bridgeworks NW has created a community where members can feel safe. We fully manage your healthcare compliance and help with employment related issues. So that as an employer, you have a team of experts and a community to support you and your employees needs.

BridgeWorks NW is a community of employers and employees

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Montgomery & Graham: Insurance Innovation for the 21st Century

compnay wellness and wellbeing plans

More often than not, an insurance benefits package can be the focus of a struggle between employer and employee, one in which one side’s gain is the other side’s loss. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. believe in innovative health care options that will protect an employer’s bottom line while still giving employees the benefits they deserve. Read on to find out more about the different insurance products that M&G offer businesses in Oregon and Washington.

Health Savings Accounts

A health savings account or HSA is designed for those with a high-deductible insurance policy (the deductible must be a minimum of $1,250 for an individual or $2,500 for a family). With an HSA, employees are able to put aside funds for medical expenses and there are a whole array of benefits to this system. The HSA funds are not subject to federal income tax and funds can be deposited by both employer and employee. If all of the funds are not used up in a given year, they roll over to the next year, making them different from other savings account plans. They also offer perks like attentive customer service and debit cards to use for medical expenses. Also, when employees turn 65, they are able to withdraw money even for non-medical expenses, making HSAs also function as a sort of retirement account. All of these things make the HSAs extremely attractive.

Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

Another innovation in healthcare which is gaining in popularity is the self-funded health insurance plan. Under this plan, employers pay their own claims and are able to save money by cutting out the middle-man. These plans also give employers the freedom to tailor their health care plans to better meet the needs of their employees. To protect the employer in the case of unexpected or larger-than-anticipated claims, a stop-loss insurance plan is available.

Workplace Wellness

A workforce with many health risk factors (such as being overweight or smoking) can lead to increased absenteeism and higher compensation and disability expenses. M&G understand that a Workplace Wellness program, which offers incentives to employees for healthy lifestyles, can curb these expenses. It can also boost morale and be a talking point for recruitment. Workplace Wellness can include classes in healthy living, access to fitness facilities at a reduced charge, and policies which support and reward things like weight loss and smoking cessation.

MG Client Care

Montgomery and Graham understands that insurance is an ongoing concern. To help address whatever needs might arise, Montgomery & Graham, Inc. offer MG Client Care, a service which can provide timely answers to your insurance questions. This includes, but is not limited to, inquiries regarding claims, benefits, eligibility, COBRA benefits, ID cards and enrollment.

So when you are ready to find a solution to health care insurance that benefits both the employer and employee, check out They can offer you plans which will protect your bottom line, take care of your workers and improve your company’s recruitment and retention.

Engagement makes Employee Wellness Work

Eighty-seven percent of employees note that wellness programs enhance work culture, a 10 percent increase from 2013, finds a new Virgin Pulse survey on workplace health priorities. The survey, which polled 361 organizations and 3,822 employees, also found 96 percent of employees participate in such programs to improve their health.

Merely offering a wellness program isn’t enough to boost the health and wellbeing of employees; insurers must work with employers to help educate workers about the existence of the programs and the benefits of participating.

Moreover, since wellness programs can provide long-term benefits for consumers and insurers alike, including reducing hopsital admissions and preventing risk factors for chronic conditions, employers need to take advantage of financial perks under the Affordable Care Act. From those surveyed, only 26.4 percent of employers plan to take advantage of the increase in wellness incentives provided by the ACA. Nearly half plan to not act on wellness incentives, while 13.7 percent were not aware such incentives exist.

What rights do I have if I lose access to my Employer Group Health insurance coverage?


Millions of people who lose their group health insurance coverage due to a job change, divorce, job loss or other reasons are able to keep their group coverage, at least temporarily. Most people who are able to continue their group health insurance benefits are eligible to do so according to the federal Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). However, COBRA does not apply to all employers, and many states have mandated other continuation-of-coverage options for people who are not covered by COBRA. In some states, continuation coverage mandated by the state may be more generous than COBRA. The benefit summary booklet provided by the employer may provide details about continuation coverage or who to contact for additional information.

Also, many people leaving group insurance will have the option to enroll in individual coverage. Depending on the individual’s circumstances, they may be able to qualify for a special enrollment period to enter the individual insurance exchange and apply for a subsidy. However, once a person enrolls in COBRA or state continuation, their options to purchase individual coverage are more limited. Once COBRA coverage has begun, a person can only enroll in individual coverage during the individual annual open enrollment period or at the end of their COBRA coverage.

M&G Team up to Help Support NW Homeless

employee healthcare benefit planning

When it comes to Oregon and Washington healthcare, few companies have the experience and background of Montgomery & Graham Inc. Since they started in 1997, they developed into one of the leading employee benefit and insurance companies in the Northwest. Their agents and other employees have over 100 years of experience in the health insurance industry and have developed an excellent reputation for planning the best benefits available for their customers here in Oregon and Washington. They make certain that clients and their employees have the most up-to-date information available to not just take care of their current operations, but to help them grow whenever the opportunity presents itself.

WeThinkItMatters Inc. is proud to work with M&G on their new website and branding campaign. It’s not enough in these times, to just simply provide jobs with a standard wage and employee benefits. Here at WeThinkItMatters Inc. we understand that lifting everybody up to a basic level of human dignity helps not just the people supported, but entire communities as well. And are happy Montgomery & Graham have decided to sponsor charities supporting the Homeless in Oregon and Washington with project proceeds. The goal is to provide $500 to eighteen non-profit organizations that help the homeless in the Northwest to share the impact it has. M&G Inc. understands that company wellness is great, but keeping communities healthy supports everyone’s bottom line.

It may not be possible to eliminate homelessness, but every person and every business should do their best to try. WeThinkItMatters Inc. is dedicated to doing everything we can to wipe it out in our communities, and hope you will join us and be part of the solution. Please share the non-profit sponsorship application and news. And if you need an innovative insurance solution, be sure to visit